If a patient has an issue like a chipped or broken tooth, Drs. Kenneth Karamyan and Emma Abramyan can treat the dental emergency in San Francisco, California. Treating a dental emergency quickly can prevent the damage from becoming permanent. We encourage you to contact Presidio Dental today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

Utilizing our CEREC Omnicam technology, we can see an emergency patient for a tooth nerve infection or a broken tooth and have a root canal, build up of the tooth and a dental aesthetic crown done in the same visit! It will take 2 to 3 hours and sure is a long appointment but it is possible in our office if that is the best option for our patient. For many, it was very convenient and our patient don’t have to alter their busy schedule. Our senior dentist, Dr. Kenneth Karamyan is proficient in surgical extractions of the teeth, especially molars and wisdom teeth. He has done thousands of extractions in his almost 14 years practicing dentistry so, teeth that are usually difficult to remove, will be removed with ease and very little postoperative discomfort.
If you are in need of an emergency root canal, our office is the best option for you. We utilize Wave One root canal treatment technology that uses a single file for almost all the steps in root canal procedure. That is simplifies the process for a best comfort of the patient. File is very flexible and almost never breaks in the canal. That ensures that the root canal procedure is fast, efficient in removing infections even in the most difficult canals and uncomplicated. Wave One is adopted as number one root canal system in our dental schools, one of them being UOP (University of Pacific).